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well back into the swing of things, nose to the grindstone. Discovered the remote flying saucer that i bought the other days eats 9volt batteries like its going out of fashion. But it provides good group fun due to the fact that it is so noisey like some marital aid admist shouts of "get it up" sigh anyone in ear shot comes over.

went to have lunch in MAC center massive lamo idea, suckors to the max. Parking was insane and took 15 mins with 4 other drivers in my car telling me where to go, fun fun fun. Of course JC is going straight to HELL for parking in a Nuff nuff zone and Tristan should get his bits squeased off due to the fact that he got a park next to him.

Right as from now sticking to a buget and some sort of a revised eating plan. !!! hopefully.