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ok so what is happening to the year

well here we are at the 20th of Feb how quickly is this year going past. Lauren and I have a wedding to attend which will be a blast. Although we are getting a bit hammered for weddings the last 3 years we have probably been to 15 weddings its all a bit crazy. But still its fun seeing friends and love ones getting married.

How good is the rain. For people reading my blog from OS.. welcome I know it sounds a bit strange me talking about the rain but I’m telling you our major dam hasn’t been full for the last 5 years.. I’m sure this amount of rain wont fill it but it does a couple of things

1, Stop knob heads washing their drive ways with water.

2, Stop people watering gardens cause its important to have a lawn when water levels are getting low.

3, Stops people washing cars, as that is important as well apparently.

if you want to have a look for yourselves please do 

Anyway enough on the rain.. I’m installing suse Linux 9.2 for 386 from Novell. It will be interesting to see how easy it is to use.  Currently It is taking 2 hours to install on a amd 3200 with 512 meg of ram. 

Once I have installed it I will use it as much as I can to give an unbiased review of a complete noobs view of how does Linux really stack up against windows xp.

Alot of people rave about how  secure Linux is  but they seem to be fixing alot of patches for all the lastest releases of linux 

I will be placing the results in this blog of course any comments that I make about Linux are personal and have no bearing on anything remotely improtant.

So bring on the testing I’m looking forward to it.





long time no write.

Ok its been a while but i suppose that is the good thing about blogs you can add to them when you feel like . An esteemed work collegue I will use is "secret" name of Stanky t is very good and conisous about adding a blog to his space every day well almost.

Work has been INSANE the 36 customers that i have seem to be on me everyday asking from things like can they take licenses with them if another company buy them out . To enforce the one case one problem rule.  Anyways what has been happening in my life. My younger Brother …aka serial killer headed off to the big bag US of A to have a working holiday travel a bit get some work if he can and generally … hopefully get a shagg .

He has to get one … I saw him off at the ariport the other day and his ex came up to give him a hug and a kiss, I hope he realiseds that there is a milion women out there that would want to meet him. Never the less he needs to meet more women.  Now study is over for him he should ..Fingers crossed.

I have been going to the GYM evry second day doing walking and cycling and PUMPing IRON 3 times a week. They are closing the GYM at the end of march so it will be interesting to see if they are going to replace it with something else… me thinks not. You would think that they would like fitter more productive workers. The good news is that I have managed to lose 2 cm off my waste in 2 weeks all very encouraging..

Went to the opera bar last night OMG apart from the usual bevvy of beautiful people there was heaps MS people there to see off Alison D who is moving to the UK to work in the Reading campus. The beer was free and the company was good. Saw a massive ship leave the dock. All in all it was an good night.