Its ok I’m a slack hairy mole part 2

Well talk about being a slack hairy mole… its been a week since my last entry and I have to admit there has been a million things that haven happened since last week.


Firstly Ben Folds… Now I’m actually not a massive fan of his perse but I did enjoy the music that he plays. Something like angst teenager and Indy Rock Lauren tells me.  It was a good concert the fans were well behaved and apart from the nasal olfactory being assaulted ( the 15 year old bloke standing next to us obviously thought showering is something that other people do not for him) , it was  a great night.

His new Album is going to be good.


So the week in review. Well I found out what my new customers are which will be great. Along with 2 larger customers its going to be fantastic, I’m excited yet sadden this is due to the fact that whilst I will still keep a set of my core work friends I become no longer one of the boys. Just a good work mate that is working in another part of the company.


I’m currently trying to train a person to perform my role when I go on holidays this will extend to when a person successfully interviews for the role. Then the churn will settle for some time and all will be good.  So the next 10 days I’m doing 6:30am to 9pm days.  I will also be working 2 jobs until the new person comes up to speed. But it should be fine.


I have started at the new gym this last week its Health Business at Ryde and I have to say it’s a good gym. Whilst it only has equipment that includes one of all weights and free weights the cardio equipment is brand new and second to none in quality. All of that plus a Pool does it get any better than that I don’t think so.  I have yet to see a busy time there. I hope that all my work colleagues get to go there at some stage.  On Wednesday morning I’m doing boxing with HR knowing my luck I will miss the focus miss and clock JT … sigh that would be just my luck.



Had to go the Chiropractor again on Monday I have asked my Chiropractor to name a wing in his very expensive BEECROFT home after me.  After all I have payed him like 15 k in the last 17 years I have been seeing him.  Any way he fixed my neck and that was all I wanted. I think I see him 2 more times and then the time drops down to 2 every 2 weeks.


Contacts are going well some people keep reminding me that I have red eyes and that I look like 2 piss holes in the snow but they are getting better to wear and putt in the eye.  The optometrist told me that to keep using my daily’s it would cost me 130 a month, instead of 130 for every 3 months with the others. Anyway it’s a start and I would like to wear contacts all the time if I could, cause…. Chicks dig them. :0


Right bought The incredibles and DOOM3 and Star Wars Republic Commando for xbox on the weekend what a great game doom 3 is , I have to admit… I jumped a couple of times when big nasty scary things leapt out at me during doom 3.


So that brings us up to this weekend went to a happy birthday/graduation from the police academy at 37 for a friend of Laurens. Fantastic House in Leichhardt lucky buggers. Saturday I mowed mums lawn again Christ she must feed that grass steroids or something I have never seen grass grow that fucking quick in my life.


I think I might have outwitted her this time as I dropped the closeness setting to snakes ASS setting and moved a landing strip going to the washing line. That way Mum can’t complain that she cant wheel the washing basket to the clothes line.  Plus I will have to go over there next week to ensure that gutters are clean and more general garden stuff.



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