So its another two weeks gone.

Sunday, 1 May 2005


Wow its May already, Holy Rusty Metal Balls Batman… Ok since the 14th April this is what has been happening.


11th of April to the 19th of April meeting my new customers, without being too bias they are all fantastic. I’m hoping that I will provide as good service as my predecessor.


20th April to 27th April In Perth catching up with a high school mate that I have know for the last 16 years, damn that is a long time GM and CB are fantastic hosts and Perth is a great place very relaxed and very very beautiful. Beaches there are just Whitsunday like. I will up load the 105 photos that my I mate SP3-1 phone camera took during the time off .


My partner LF took along the “old” film camera and took some photos, but I like the fact that you can just whip it out and take a picky and then continue on.  More on that later. My little brother is back from the US, what a great time he has had over there and its great to see him back, with any luck he will get his visas sorted and spend a length of time over there as I would love to come and see him in the US.



Mum is super happy to see him as she might be getting a bit lonely in the house by herself, but she keeps telling me that she is happy to be like that. Plus the cursed lawn is again growing like the Daintree rain forest, If I could get my hands on some agent orange I would gladly turn the whole lot into a massive car park


28th -29th April. Did a consulting course with a fantastic trainer call Marilyn she was really good and very positive I learnt lots from that 2 day course.



30th April 2005

Went our to a group dinner last night turned out to be a very good night except for a little miss hap with one of my good mates from work.  I won’t go deep into it as I’m rather embarrassed as to what happened; needless to say one of us landed on the ground very hard and I feel very ashamed that it happened.


 Just go to show that loads of drink and a big idiot with a couple of red bulls under his belt is not a great mix. I’m glad that my mate is a great person to realize that it was all a horrible mistake and I’m hoping coffee and a muffin is a well received olive branch.  


Anyway the Golden Century is where we went and it was fantastic. They great food and great service 10 people with lots of grog and food. It was $460 all up. Very good prices.


Today I spent updating the Media Centre today added an extra 512 mb of memory and a new 256mb Radeon 9550 video card as well as changing the processor from a AMD 1500+ to a AMD 3000+ and that has added some poke to the box now. All that is left now is to transfer the main board to the new Receiver like box that I have for it add the 200 sata drive along that the 80 system drive is installed on should  be a very good little media centre.  I’m going to hit up one of the bloke from work to see if I can borrow one of his digital cards from his machine at work this will allow me to TEST a digital card without the risk of buying one just to find it doesn’t work.


Right check list for this week.


Read Sql admin book. (Don’t ask)

Upload photos from Perth.

Copy over rest of contents from work laptop.  Start playing with Tablet. Yahhyyy.







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