Cause I can.

right well I go  for my crazy man test tomorrow that will be fun. They say its to weed out any deviant behavour before you get on to the program.. This is the Big Sister Big Brother program that I have volenteered for.  I’m hoping that it will be a very rewarding experince for me. Also I hope that If I help one kid, realize that he is not stupid, dumb, or worthless then i wilLcount that as a success.

Anyway I will keep everyone informed of how it goes. This week I’m seeing my customers solo unlike the last time i went and saw them with CM. Its really really good. I’m enjoying myself immensely atm. So I have some photos from perth that i will load up into the space. I really like this photo as this is the best place to have a Pub. LF and I loved Perth, If i could get paid the same amount and live perth that would be the best. People are laid back everything is not rushed. Plus it has all the best things of a major city. Here is sunset at the beach where my mate lives 3 mins away from.

So there you have a little taste of perth a very nice place to visit and a very nice place to stay. As for the next trip we have to use some of our freaky flyer points so we might head over to NZ, that would be fun.


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