ummm well i have no excuse really.

Ok I know it has been along time but I have an excuse to some degree. On Mothers day earlier this month I went to my mate’s house to wish his mum a happy mothers day. I know GC and his lovely wife AC and there loveable dog Jake for many years. 

So I walk into the house and say the hello to everyone I had brought my younger brother to chat with GC lovely parents whom I known many many years. Anyway GC opens the wire door and Jake who is a mastiff cross with ? Knows attempts to come into the house, I  told him No you cant come in crazy dog.. and grabbed his head and started to wrestle with him. As I have grabbed his nose, unbeknownst to me that he had a sore nose and decided to let me and my sausage hands know. Whack I get a nip.

 I see blood, thinking that he has cut me a little, I head off to the bath room, rise my hand.. Searing heat radiates from the pinky. I look into the wound.. Hmm is that ….tendon and bone I see, acting quickly I grab 3/4 of a toilet wrap up the hand and stick it in my jeans pocket.

Go back out into the lounge room and speak to GC family for about 2/3 mins, feeling the toilet paper getting soaked I decided to head off to the medical center. First port of call MUM, she is a nurse she has seen worst I’m sure… Knock on the bedroom door, hey mum I’m been bitten by a dog, how fun was that.

Mum leaps out of bed and whisks me off to the bath room. Searching for some iodine mum locates some other antiseptic that ends in ******lic acid.  With massive words on the side DO NOT INJECT INTO BODY….. With one fell swoop from years of practice mum snaps off the lid and HOSES the entire wound with this fluid. I reacted shrieking ITS NOT MEANT TO INSIDE THE BODY MUM… snapping my hand back trying to place the very loose flap of skin back onto the angry looking wound.

At this stage mum has told me not to be a girl and wraps the wound in a non stick dressing. Matt offers to drive me up to the medical center to get the thing sorted. ( good man my younger brother is) .

Here is a tip, if you want to see a DR in a medical center straight away then have a wound. I walked up to the desk, showed the rapidly soaking dressing said the magically word DOG bite, and presto I’m first off the rank.  Ha ha beat all those people suffering avarian flu.

Bugger the Dr that is there is leaving for the day and doesn’t want to try and push the bit of fat hanging out of the finger in. So we have to wait for “surgeon” Matt I talk and reminist about time we have both been in the medical center. Whilst chatting to the very nice nurse who for some reason couldn’t believe that we were brothers. ( I thought matt should have gone for her number but he was being very nice and was looking after me)

 So this “dr” comes in, he must be about ohh…. 70 in the shade… how are you doing….Ro-han, Christ I think this is going to be fun. 

Been bitten by a dog have you… tsk tsk that is a shame… well that is going to need 3 stitches.  You allergic to anything. ?

 ummm yes morphine.

 Right well you won’t get any of that here, just a local.  Now this is going to sting a lot, injects the local into the wound then pumps about 30 mls in the pinky. At this stage I have said the work “fire truck” about 70 times as it felt like my hand was alight in napalm. Once that was done it was plain sailing from there. Matt said he got the best view as the DR opened the wound right up and looked inside and tucked all the meat that was hanging out.

 Points to take away…

One.  not matter how well you know a dog never grab its face. EVER.

Two. Having a stuffed pinky blows…you don’t realize how much you use your pink all the time.

 Now for some pictures.

 The first one is 3 days after the stitches are in place.. you can see the infection starting to take hold.


 The second one is after the all the stitches have been remove and its recovering by itself.

 The Third one was take the other day as I know don’t need any strips or band aid to cover the finger now.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Dan & Kris on August 5, 2005 at 10:45 am

    Thats a great story, but GROSS pics, and oh iam alergic to Morphine too, oh la la… Well hope your fingure is better. :O) Kris


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