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latest update

Ok since may I have been flat out like a lizard drinking.  I will put down in point format what has been happening since may.
1, started new role at work  have discovered a new word for busy.
2, Organise suprise bday for G/F rying to keep 15 women from talking to each other about the surprise party aged me several years. But it worked.
3, Travelled over to the US for 3 weeks for work and to blow a trumpet lucky it wasnt my own.
4, come back to mountains of work and never enough time.
5, Have started my BBBS programe have had first outing to LCNP for 2 hours with my "little" he is a really cool kid.
6, Other younger brother is heading over seas for 3 years on the 15th of October.  All very exciting.
I will write more about each of these topics when I dont have a million other things to do then.
Right I’m off now to upgrade the MCE 2005 to the latest version.