Right well I have about 20 mins to fill so here is what has been happening since the last big entry


So its not really my new role at work anymore. We have had two new people start and so that should make me effectively the non newbie. Still until everything clicks I shall be extra vigilant to ensure that the role is done beyond what it needs to be.

I Organised a surprised bday party for my lovely partner, was very hard work, people let me tell you. I had to even convince her that I wanted to get to the pub for my bday which is very close to hers and have some beers for kicks. We got into the flat and everything is dark, she turned the lights on and wanted to get into her PJ, of course at this stage I’m having kittens yet trying to remain calm, an Oxymoron for me at the best of times. My Partner walks into the room and is set upon 17 people all with party poppers launching all over the room. Needless to say she was both scared and surprised.  It was a great night had by all.



The biggest thing here was travelling over to the US for a week in Atlanta, and 2 weeks in Seattle .

Atlanta in summer is like sauna hot. 40 degrees most days and very very humid. Every where is air-conditioned but Atlanta is not the place for me.

We were travelling to MGB for the APAC -idol where we auditioned and won a place in the APAC idol. We then performed in front of 600-750 people where we came 3rd place behind a very good Indian team and a excellent Malaysian singer. The link is here if you wish to look

The night of the party at MS Atlanta was excellent we went to a theme park called 6 flags this one had 9 rollercoaster rides on it and we went on every one of them. I was feeling wery tired after that.

Next day the conference finished and then we went to Seattle weather wise its chalk and cheese. Seattle was fantastic at 25-26 with a breeze. It was freakishly good weather for Seattle but hey I’m not one to complain. Seattle people are all very nice and they do have great coffee. In the downtown section alone there is about 84 star bucks literally one on every corner. My favourite coffee for the time I was there was a Venti double shot wet cappuccino. Techready was fantastic and it was great to meet all different types of people from around the world.

Travel wise I’m spent the last 3 years I have had an overseas trip each year. It was good to get back so that I can get stuck into meeting with customers and driving value and usage in the accounts that I look after.  I have 4 renewals in the next 4 months, so its going to be busy.



Well being back and getting back into the jist of things has proven to be a challenge. The car snapped a timing chain on the last week of August so that is going to cost a bomb to fix. I’m driving my brother’s car atm which is very nice of him to lend for me. I love driving autos now. I’m over the whole boy racer thing with the manual. The next car will be an auto so that we both can drive.


Have been doing the BBBS programme now for a little over 3 weeks my “little” is a really cool kid. We could talk just about anything and normally do. I’m hoping that he gets as much as I have just from these visits. Just kicking the ball around with him is great.



MM got the ok to head overseas US so he will be heading over there soon. He wil be staying in Houston I believe so I half think he is looking forward to do it and half filled with trepidation. Went and saw the producers on Saturday afternoon all very good, was a very funny show. I have managed to hurt my shoulder doing some sort of cardio boxing the other day. Its seemed to have gone down now but I will have to get it looked at if its still sore by tomorrow night. Saw a very good article on the Long emergency about how we are due to run out of oil by the year 2020. What are people going to do then?  Our dependence on fossil fuels is only beaten by our desire to shop to have the latest and greatest of “something”

Have a look at this link, its not a very long read but very interesting never the less.


Bring on Nuclear Power plants I say.



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    What\’s a wet cappucino?


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