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Ben Lee and Missy Higgins. Concert

Well we went to Ben Lee and Missy Higgins on Friday night. It was a good night though we forgot to bring a rug as we thought everyone would be standing.  Denied they were all sitting or lying, bunch of hippies.


My partner got to see all the Ben Lee songs that she wanted and I got to see the MH songs that I wanted. Left at 9:30 before all the masses tried to get out.


Couple of key take always from the night were.


  1. MH has a pretty eclectic following. I saw groups of 4/5 blokes in arm and arm crying when she was singing the special two.


  1.  Ben Lee looks about 12 years old in the Flesh, I’m surprise they let him into pubs.


  1. There were loads of British folk there, unsurprising really as of 2003/2004 there are 19205 come into the country. Apparently going to the colony is ‘in’ again.


  1. If you had a rug to lie on forget using it when the show starts as everyone stands and walks all over the rugs without giving a crap.


  1. WHERE are the people going who walk towards the back of the concert with a full beer?


Apart from all that It was a great night, See some of the photos.



Went on the Bondi to Bronte walk today with KB, got completely soaked, not from the rain but the sweat that I was making under neath my “gortex” rain coat. Might be time to by a new one as this coat has lasted 10 years.  The were some “beautiful” people around braving the elements to get there exercise fix.


Went to a Café to get some lunch and found that they only took cash. Who does that? In this day and age who cant service a credit card. Very annoying.


Lastly I get my last remaining wisdom tooth out tomorrow after noon, not that happy really. But it needs to be done as my gum “softness” in that area is around 6….. 3 is the number that you want. So Its being done by one of the fastest bloke in the business.  Which is apparently good as It reduces the swelling. Hmm let you know how I go.