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Entry for NOV, I know its late.

Well what an interesting week it has been. Apart from stupidly busy it’s also been a first on a couple of things.


1, First time I have missed my little brother in the US, who of thought that.


2, First time I have managed to maintain a presence in a course for more that 1.5 days.


3, First time the BSBB program has ever seen a “little” want to give his big back so that he can look after kids that really need a male role model.


4, First and last time for my mate’s dog, poor Jake is dying of Cancer… I thought Alice Cooper was joking when he sung that song “I have poison running through my veins.” To me all those angry years ago.


5, First time I have caused an accident in the 17 years of driving.


Lets work in reverse order and most important.


The prang,


Well there I was rushing around mums place fixing the computer giving my little bro grief in the US telling him that I was going place a 1kg of Talcum power in the Box I need to send to him, so that he can get a bit of a razz up when he picks the box up. 

Taking the Lawn mower to the Lawn mower doc as I think my very busy little bro was putting the wrong type of fuel into the mower. Hence completely munted the


Anyway I almost bust a gut lifting the thing into the back of the car. Pull out of the drive way and head down the road.

Pull up at the round about. Incredulously watch this retarded bunt drive this massive 4×4 around the round about due to the fact she was lost.  ( No lady dont stop ..Please)


Notice the 2 cars on my left in the round about move out of sight and they are off. I was watching the tard in the 4×4 almost memorized and saw that I had a gap. Drove off. Of course both the cars on my left where not gone they were suddenly stopped to let a Mum cross the road. I was committed I had no where to go but into the drivers side rear corner.


I spewed RAGE… not at the driver that had stopped… but at myself for being an even bigger tard and not checking before I took off.


Bloke gets out of the car and looks at me I leap out of the car and slammed the door s and start shaking my head muttering to myself I storm the enlarging gaggle of slack jawed monkeys that were gathering around the scene.


Mate….. I’m sorry, I was looking at some fucking cock-pump in a 4wheel drive, and I thought that you had moved on.


He was very gracious and we exchanged business cards and that was that. I think he was more worried about the fact that he had to tell his wife that his car was involved in an accident.

 My car looks like it has 1.5 -2k of damage to it. I will try and get all the parts by myself and get the car fixed.  Then I’m selling it for what ever I can get for it. If its 3.4 grand I just don’t care.


The Dog that Bit my hand has Cancer..


Sad story, Rohan Wrestles with dog, dog gets the shits and then bites Rohan’s hand. 6 months later dog gets cancer and is living on borrowed time. Coincidence perhaps, I’m going with the version that I have so little blood in my caffeine stream that when JAKE the dog bit me he received an massive dose of caffeine. As we all know Caffeine could give a pet some form of cancer.  Hence I’m effective poison to all animals.

I just wanted to let you know that before I get exposed to your lovely bundle of fur.  BW that includes your rabbit with the massive BALL sack.



The “little” I was seeing once a week from the BSBB program is moving up to Coffs harbor to be with his real father, which is completely OK. AW wanted me to go to a child that didn’t have any father in his life.  Go figure Family dynamics



Did a course the other day called conflict management. Was an excellent course by a lovely lady called Shanna she was very thin, but strong. (There was some role playing during the course) no not that sort Wolfe.


Lastly my brother is over in the US. Very funny not having him on the other end of the mobile phone. He calls using skype but the time zone difference makes it for spasmodic conversations’ at best. I have decided to rebuild the network over the Christmas break and incorporate Skype and XBOX live into the network via the ISA2004 server.