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Its March.. Christ where has the year gone.

Holy Shiite its March !!!! Are you Syrian?  Ok I can’t claim those two quotes they belong to LF’s little bro JF, noice one JF.

I’m writing this on Word 12 pre release. For those non techies or people who don’t get a massive buzz out of using pre release software.

So what has been happening since November, well look below my intrepid reader.



1, Last remaining wisdom tooth has got the rot this means it needs to go ASAP.


2, Oral ( love that word for some reason) Sturgeon, cool name for a fish, informed me that I have a 1 in 4000 chance of losing ALL sensation down the left hand side of my cheek./face.

3, Don’t like those odd I decide to get a second opinion.. I tell him the stats that the OS had told me  and he says “oh no” your odds are a lot worse than that more like 1 in 500  This is a Maxillofacial surgeon for some reason I thought a Maxillofacial was something you saw in a pron movie. Where some bloke with a DOD unleashes the inner sanctum so to speak, whilst shouting “KAAA Blamo”

4, Christmas was well fed blurr we made Christmas Breakky for my mum and then head over to partners parents for Christmas Lunch, It was one of the few times I have actually enjoyed Christmas day.

NYE was a very quiet occasion. Didn’t take any time off over the Christmas break but I am taking some time off in March.  To do the Queens Baton Relay.



1, Worked my head off in January. Mank Wisdom Tooth started to get more painful and have resorted to eating on right side of mouth.  Sigh I hate Wisdom teeth I tell everyone I know, they tell me to harden up and stop being a big girl.

2, Had my nieces and nephews come over they were great took them to the zoo. Not a cheap experience but fun never the less.


More to come……