Well if that was Easter I’m spent…

Help!  I need another 4 days off. With all that has been happening here I’m going to be stuffed when I go back to work on Tuesday.

Thursday night went shopping for Chocy eggs and finished Fable the lost Chapters on PC, it was a nice game, very addictive and very you must choose between good and evil.  Have done GOOD up to the waazoo, now for evil.

Friday day I went over to my mum’s place to mow the lawn where she ambushed me with her recently repaired Chain saw. (Don’t ask) I had to chop down the two trees in the Hedge; it had braches thicker than my head. It’s a small chain saw (if there is ever such one) So there I am chopping branches up a busted ladder , well bent anyway) hoping that I don’t fall, and If I DO fall then make a mental note NOT to throw the chainsaw at MUM, by mistake. 

After I risk life and limb with the tiny chainsaw mum gets me to do some more pruning again with the chainsaw that she could not get done last week . Did the lawns ( yahhhy Winter is nigh and the lawns are growing hardly at all,  and updated the Antivirus on her computer.   Of course I leave mums with the same comment every day and that is I hate Fecking Gardens.


So I come home ready to start on the cleaning out the computer room and lo and behold the room was already done, Done as in meaning all the shit from the computer room had vomited out into Dining room, Lounge room, bedroom and all over the bed and sun room I can’t believe that I have hoarded so much shit.  I have to be ruthless and complete heartless. Anything that is a computer part that can be used for the next 24 months will have to go. Anything that isn’t required to be kept for 7 years for tax reasons also must go.




I’m overwhelmed… I don’t know even where to start. I have so many MSDN DVD and CD’s that I’m have no Idea what to keep or what to throw out. Will need to get rid off the Single bed in the spare room that is a given, If people sleep over then they can hunker down on the floor.  One new Porta robe is coming and the current one can turn into the Suit Robe thing.  All summer clothes get stashed under the bed and the work begins in earnest. Head over to mums place for a Roast that is to die for with lemon Margarine Pie.  No eggs though some sort of rice eggy thing. Sigh… I miss the choccy eggs.



Sunday Loads of Eggs from other sources , we head off to the EASTER SHOW. Ha ha  “WHAT FOOLS “ I hear you all  shout.  No there is method in my madness.

So Off we go to the show. I thought hey Easter Sunday will be great all the happy clappies will be in church Celebrating the rising of Christ.  My old man you to celebrate the rising of Christ every day.. errmmm but I think he was happy that his nether rod  was working ( diabetes) So he would say “ Jesus Christ” its working today.  Anyway I digress.


One drive the car. There is loads of parking.

Two FOLLOW THE ANIMAL WALK > you get to see everything you want.

Three steer clear the rides.  They are for munted teenagers that have no idea how much everything costs.

Four visit the Show bag Pavilion last and that’s it the whole thing is done in 3 hours. 


Right Catch up to Monday, I get up stupidly early to pick up the  360 from my mates I have other mates coming around to for a BBQ so that I can show them just how cool it is . Still have shit all over the place, nothing like fear being the motivator. Hid stuff in a lot of draws , give the place a once over with the Vac and all is good .


Ended up having about 8 people over which was nice as at one stage it looked like being 2  Room looks much much better , I can walk in and about without losing a digit to the computer crap that I had on the floor.




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