Fastest indian and World record.

Went and saw the Fastest indian the other day, and  it was a good movie. It took its time to get where it had to but it was a nice aride. I must warn you know there is a fair amount of old sex in it so if the thought of two bag of eblow skin rubbing together is nasty then just close your eyes for those scenes. Good Warm and Fuzzy movies
Today was Fantastic, I went down to Coogee today to be party of the biggest Water Balloon fight in the world. 3600 people were on Coggee beach that everyone throwing waterballoons for 10 mins. I have never seen the sky turn into a massive sea of green and sliver before . It was one of those surreal times. Madrid broke the record in 2005 with 2500 people and 48K water ballons. We got 3600 and 55K so its a new world record.

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  1. Posted by Luke on April 23, 2006 at 8:02 am

    old sex? You mean the scene where he demands she get out of bed and make him a cup of tea? Yeah – whew! that was pretty steamy 🙂
    I thought it was a great movie. Beats crashing cars and hispanic shoot-em-ups anyday.


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