This Morning I dragged myself out of bed at 3:15am and headed off to Milsons Point station. I was going to catch a train into the city and attend the Dawn Service at Martin Place.  Slight problem with that plan no trains were running. Bugger, oh well nothing left to do but hump over the brigde and get there by foot. Got there by 4:15 am , missed meeting my mate, he was else where in the crowd.  Iniatally i had the grumps as seeing the dawn service with a mate is part of the ANZAC spirit.
But I being by yourself gives you a feeling you wouldnt get when with your mate. There was myself and another woman who was also by herself. I shared my hym sheet with her, TBH I got a little sad when singing "abide with me". She had tears running down here cheek when they played the last post. Once the service was done we said goodbye and that was that.
I think that is what part of the ANZAC SPIRIT is helping out where you can and not makeing a big fuss over it. As much a sharing a hym sheet is helping out but I gained a real appriaction for the dawn service. Something I will be going to next year.
Caught up with my mate,ran into a work mate with his wife and her best freind, who used to "see" my best mate how is that for six degrees of seperation.
Got home at 11am tired and hungry, had some lunch and then went to bed.
Lest we forget .

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