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Trashing the Planet

Ok I read this article in this weekend’s good weekend from the SMH .

 It’s called trashing the Planet I’m, going to Scan the article and send this to my mates that keep consuming stuff.  I’m also one of them btw.

 But I wanted to post some of the stats that I found very very distressing.

  • The average large supermarket has about 35,000 different items.
  • 8 of 10 new line items fail.
  •  We are in a consumer binge Pandemic  always looking for added newness , with China and India growing their middle Class almost Expotentially this will only get worst.
  • In 2004 Australians spent $5.3 billion on food we didn’t eat. Overall we waste 10 billion a year on products and services we don’t use.
  •  We throw away 3.3 million tones of food away a year. We discard up to a quarter of the nation’s food supplies annually because we simply buy too much.
  •  The young, the rich and people with SMALL children are the worst offenders at throwing away food. Of course many people don’t see throwing food way as a issue.
  •  One would think if all this food gets thrown away from supermarkets and other places then why it doesn’t go to feed homeless people. Surely that would be a win win situation. NO, a company has to be careful of its Brand. We can’t have brand dilution occurring.
  • 25 million Mobile phones are discarded each year in Australia most will end up as land fill. Less that 4% are recycled.
  • On Average we change our mobile phone every 18 to 24 months
  •  Ok so we know oil is on the way out. We are all getting excited about nuclear power.. Another thing we need is water.
  •  We grow twice as much food as we did a generation ago but we use 3 times as much water.  2/3 of all water drawn up is used to irrigate crops.
  •  One KG of Rice requires between 2000 and 5000 liters of water to  produce.
  • It takes 11000 liters of water to grow the feed for a feed a cow to make a quarter pound hamburger.
  • A Teaspoon of sugar takes 50 cups of water to grow it .
  • 25 bath tubs of water are needed to grow 250 grams of cotton that makes the a single t shirt.
  •  Apparently 1961 was a good time for us World pop was 3 billion and we were using only half the world’s resource to feed the planet.
  • 1986 is when we passed the POSR ( point of safe return) World pop = 5 billion Is when we were using all of earths resource to feed the planet.
  •  2001 = 120%
  •  2050 = 200% or two planets worth of resources.

 So what are we to do? Stop having babies now or start trying to rein in the amount of consumption that we all do. Perhaps companies could start making things that lasts more that 4 years.? Then what happens to innovation. If your happy with what you have then why would you want to change your frigde or TV. ?

what am i going to do about it.

Try and refrain from buying new stuff unless I absolutley really do need it. or to replace something that is broken.  

Food for thought. 

Other Iteams of note, Mum gets her results on Wed to see if she has anymore cancer. the Op is happening within 2 weeks and I’m off to fiji in Oct for a dive trip.




May gone , june is here

 So May will be now known as the month of Hell.

A normal May would look like this. 



Mum would go to the US and spend 2 weeks there and come home I would be going work everyday, It would be all good.


Unfortunately this is what happened.


Mum went for a blood test and they found that she have elevated GA levels firstly it was 800 and the it dropped to 500. The main problem was that she had some gall stones in the common bile duct. So in they go to remove the Gall bladder.


When they were digging in there they took at a Mark on mums Liver and they found a very early Liver cancer… when we say early we are like talking the with first 2 weeks of it forming. Right Rush mum back into hospital do a liver resection.


Good News… it was a primary lesion


Good News mum wont need Chemo or radiation


Bad news they found a dark shadow on mums Lung.


Bad News is an cancer…


Good News it’s a slow moving?  Cancer with a 100% cure rate.


Good News mum goes into hospital next two weeks, to get this POS.


Bad news Mum won’t be able to go to the US until she is recovered 8-12 weeks.


Good News Older Brother and younger brother coming home to see mum and give me a break.


Currently mum is enjoying my cooking which consists of any food that will put weight on her. So a lot of fried food and anything else that she wants.  Ice cream and Chocolate.   It’s taking a while for mum to recover from the Liver surgery but it was pretty hard on mum’s body.


So that was May uncertain, frighting, and hopeful.


So let move on to June.


I need a short break to catch up with my partner and some friends in the southern highlands. It’s only an hour and half outside of Sydney a very nice winery.  

I leave 3:45 Friday afternoon. Just as it started to rain… very very bad Idea. I took me 3 hours to from 150 kms. It was bumper to bumper all the way to Campbelltown. I know a lot of people don’t have a choice of where to live but … damn if the traffic is like that every day surely you would do anything just not to travel in the traffic everyday.

But it gets better.

I’m currently driving my brothers/dads car. Since my little brother is in the US and doesn’t need the car I thought it would be a good for me to drive it and sell my car. It’s a 94 Corolla it’s in alright nick… MM decided it would be really cool to lower the Corolla so over every speed hump I clinch my ass cheeks together thinking the Sump is going to come off.


Anyway I digress as the car is getting a bit old it goes through a bit of oil.  It also leaks a bit of oil. I bought some stop leak that requires the engine to be hot in order for you to but the stop leak in.

So I pull in to Pheasants nest on the way to Goulburn fill the car up at 1.60 a litre. Take the oil cap off the engine and pour the Stop leak in.  Close the bonnet and away we go.  Driving along notice the engine is really quiet. I thought Man this stop leak is really good it’s made the engine much quieter. I located the winery and pull into it. As I stop I see all this smoke coming from the engine bay….. Park the car, open the bonnet to be greeted with a sizzling engine.  in my rush to get out of the cold I had forgotten to replace the oil cap on the engine.


So travelling 40 km at 110 kph effectively emptied 3 litters of oil onto my cars engine, fantastic. OAf course in my haste in checking the oil level in the car I got oil all over my fantastic Gant shirt. Bugger.


I needed to wait outside in the freezing cold for about 10 mins just to calm down enough without raging it up.  The place that we were in was built in the late 1800’s all very nice and romantic. One problem the door frames are about are about 180cm high, so if you didn’t duck you could bump your head, …like me 7 times. The last one I was rushing to get the bags pack to head home., that dropped me like a sack of shit , I’m pretty sure I felt my neck shorten a couple of cm’s . I definitely saw stars.


So that was May and the beginning of June I will keep you posted about mum, I hoping for a better outcome than we got in May.