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Holy Shite , I’m a blogging machine

4 enteries in a month what the hell is Maloney on!!! Actually this entry is a request. I’m looking for information on building a XP embedded image on to either CF card or a USB key.  If anyone has any pointers o good links to look at please feel free to comment.


Right I get  al letter from TPG the other day stating that the current plan that I’m on is going to removed which was 20 gb with 1.5 gb for 50 bucks a month.  But i can stay on the same plan for 60 bucks amonth and have only 10 gb limit . Oh i have a week to change this , nice…. well TPG you can hsove that all your clollective ASS.  I’m going to IINET and get ADSL 2 and enjoy MASSIVE speed on from my internet.