Last blog for April

See if everyone is nice to each other good things can happen. I’m talking about those 2 miners in Tassie 5 days under ground without food and water.  5 days with food the body can do that but 5 days without water after 3 the body starts to shut down. It’s fantastic news, although I had to laugh tonight when Channel 9 were going to breaking news and mike munro didn’t have a script to read and was trying to adlib and asking really important questions like where was the person they were interviewing when she first heard that the miners were alive. Anyway enough of the rant. The Blokes are live, unsure what state there in but they are alive.


Another note/rant is amount of babies that have or will be Bourne in the last 12 months I know 12 people that is having children. We are effectively are in a baby boom. I love children don’t get me wrong; there is nothing more wonderful then the laugh of a baby or child. But what scares me is these smart young people develop OCD like qualities about preparation of child. Rooms get painted then repainted. Things get bought then return for something else all the good of the baby.


People develop theories about upbringing of their child and then decide to share these gold nuggets with the world. I want everyone who reads my blog, all 3 of you that if I ever get like that when/if I have children please walk up to me and smash me in the face with a ball peen hammer. Please. 

Now allot of people might say until I have kids I should shut the hell up and smile. I do normally but for some reason it’s really annoying the living craps out of me. The one good thing that is coming out of all this is that with all these people having babies I’m going to be well versed in changing nappies

Right rage off.




This Morning I dragged myself out of bed at 3:15am and headed off to Milsons Point station. I was going to catch a train into the city and attend the Dawn Service at Martin Place.  Slight problem with that plan no trains were running. Bugger, oh well nothing left to do but hump over the brigde and get there by foot. Got there by 4:15 am , missed meeting my mate, he was else where in the crowd.  Iniatally i had the grumps as seeing the dawn service with a mate is part of the ANZAC spirit.
But I being by yourself gives you a feeling you wouldnt get when with your mate. There was myself and another woman who was also by herself. I shared my hym sheet with her, TBH I got a little sad when singing "abide with me". She had tears running down here cheek when they played the last post. Once the service was done we said goodbye and that was that.
I think that is what part of the ANZAC SPIRIT is helping out where you can and not makeing a big fuss over it. As much a sharing a hym sheet is helping out but I gained a real appriaction for the dawn service. Something I will be going to next year.
Caught up with my mate,ran into a work mate with his wife and her best freind, who used to "see" my best mate how is that for six degrees of seperation.
Got home at 11am tired and hungry, had some lunch and then went to bed.
Lest we forget .

Holy Shite , I’m a blogging machine

4 enteries in a month what the hell is Maloney on!!! Actually this entry is a request. I’m looking for information on building a XP embedded image on to either CF card or a USB key.  If anyone has any pointers o good links to look at please feel free to comment.

Fastest indian and World record.

Went and saw the Fastest indian the other day, and  it was a good movie. It took its time to get where it had to but it was a nice aride. I must warn you know there is a fair amount of old sex in it so if the thought of two bag of eblow skin rubbing together is nasty then just close your eyes for those scenes. Good Warm and Fuzzy movies
Today was Fantastic, I went down to Coogee today to be party of the biggest Water Balloon fight in the world. 3600 people were on Coggee beach that everyone throwing waterballoons for 10 mins. I have never seen the sky turn into a massive sea of green and sliver before . It was one of those surreal times. Madrid broke the record in 2005 with 2500 people and 48K water ballons. We got 3600 and 55K so its a new world record.


Right I get  al letter from TPG the other day stating that the current plan that I’m on is going to removed which was 20 gb with 1.5 gb for 50 bucks a month.  But i can stay on the same plan for 60 bucks amonth and have only 10 gb limit . Oh i have a week to change this , nice…. well TPG you can hsove that all your clollective ASS.  I’m going to IINET and get ADSL 2 and enjoy MASSIVE speed on from my internet.

Well if that was Easter I’m spent…

Help!  I need another 4 days off. With all that has been happening here I’m going to be stuffed when I go back to work on Tuesday.

Thursday night went shopping for Chocy eggs and finished Fable the lost Chapters on PC, it was a nice game, very addictive and very you must choose between good and evil.  Have done GOOD up to the waazoo, now for evil.

Friday day I went over to my mum’s place to mow the lawn where she ambushed me with her recently repaired Chain saw. (Don’t ask) I had to chop down the two trees in the Hedge; it had braches thicker than my head. It’s a small chain saw (if there is ever such one) So there I am chopping branches up a busted ladder , well bent anyway) hoping that I don’t fall, and If I DO fall then make a mental note NOT to throw the chainsaw at MUM, by mistake. 

After I risk life and limb with the tiny chainsaw mum gets me to do some more pruning again with the chainsaw that she could not get done last week . Did the lawns ( yahhhy Winter is nigh and the lawns are growing hardly at all,  and updated the Antivirus on her computer.   Of course I leave mums with the same comment every day and that is I hate Fecking Gardens.


So I come home ready to start on the cleaning out the computer room and lo and behold the room was already done, Done as in meaning all the shit from the computer room had vomited out into Dining room, Lounge room, bedroom and all over the bed and sun room I can’t believe that I have hoarded so much shit.  I have to be ruthless and complete heartless. Anything that is a computer part that can be used for the next 24 months will have to go. Anything that isn’t required to be kept for 7 years for tax reasons also must go.




I’m overwhelmed… I don’t know even where to start. I have so many MSDN DVD and CD’s that I’m have no Idea what to keep or what to throw out. Will need to get rid off the Single bed in the spare room that is a given, If people sleep over then they can hunker down on the floor.  One new Porta robe is coming and the current one can turn into the Suit Robe thing.  All summer clothes get stashed under the bed and the work begins in earnest. Head over to mums place for a Roast that is to die for with lemon Margarine Pie.  No eggs though some sort of rice eggy thing. Sigh… I miss the choccy eggs.



Sunday Loads of Eggs from other sources , we head off to the EASTER SHOW. Ha ha  “WHAT FOOLS “ I hear you all  shout.  No there is method in my madness.

So Off we go to the show. I thought hey Easter Sunday will be great all the happy clappies will be in church Celebrating the rising of Christ.  My old man you to celebrate the rising of Christ every day.. errmmm but I think he was happy that his nether rod  was working ( diabetes) So he would say “ Jesus Christ” its working today.  Anyway I digress.


One drive the car. There is loads of parking.

Two FOLLOW THE ANIMAL WALK > you get to see everything you want.

Three steer clear the rides.  They are for munted teenagers that have no idea how much everything costs.

Four visit the Show bag Pavilion last and that’s it the whole thing is done in 3 hours. 


Right Catch up to Monday, I get up stupidly early to pick up the  360 from my mates I have other mates coming around to for a BBQ so that I can show them just how cool it is . Still have shit all over the place, nothing like fear being the motivator. Hid stuff in a lot of draws , give the place a once over with the Vac and all is good .


Ended up having about 8 people over which was nice as at one stage it looked like being 2  Room looks much much better , I can walk in and about without losing a digit to the computer crap that I had on the floor.



Its March.. Christ where has the year gone.

Holy Shiite its March !!!! Are you Syrian?  Ok I can’t claim those two quotes they belong to LF’s little bro JF, noice one JF.

I’m writing this on Word 12 pre release. For those non techies or people who don’t get a massive buzz out of using pre release software.

So what has been happening since November, well look below my intrepid reader.



1, Last remaining wisdom tooth has got the rot this means it needs to go ASAP.


2, Oral ( love that word for some reason) Sturgeon, cool name for a fish, informed me that I have a 1 in 4000 chance of losing ALL sensation down the left hand side of my cheek./face.

3, Don’t like those odd I decide to get a second opinion.. I tell him the stats that the OS had told me  and he says “oh no” your odds are a lot worse than that more like 1 in 500  This is a Maxillofacial surgeon for some reason I thought a Maxillofacial was something you saw in a pron movie. Where some bloke with a DOD unleashes the inner sanctum so to speak, whilst shouting “KAAA Blamo”

4, Christmas was well fed blurr we made Christmas Breakky for my mum and then head over to partners parents for Christmas Lunch, It was one of the few times I have actually enjoyed Christmas day.

NYE was a very quiet occasion. Didn’t take any time off over the Christmas break but I am taking some time off in March.  To do the Queens Baton Relay.



1, Worked my head off in January. Mank Wisdom Tooth started to get more painful and have resorted to eating on right side of mouth.  Sigh I hate Wisdom teeth I tell everyone I know, they tell me to harden up and stop being a big girl.

2, Had my nieces and nephews come over they were great took them to the zoo. Not a cheap experience but fun never the less.


More to come……